Welcome to Decksheet™ – Proudly Australian Owned

Decksheet™ was created out of a need to make decking more affordable and easier to lay.

A Queensland borne product where decks are a way of life, where people spend more hours outside than in, where Queenslanders love to entertain, unwind, relax and just enjoy being with friends and family on their deck. To a Queenslander, a home is not complete without one!

For years decking boards have been laid individually one by one. Not only is it expensive to purchase individual merbau boards but extremely time consuming to lay. Decksheet™ was a product deemed to be born when two neighbours, both with a passion for timber saw a niche in the market for a quicker and easier way to lay decks which would alternatively save people time and money and create the New Generation of Decking.

Both business partners of Decksheet™ have and still run very successful companies today. Tony has been in the timber importing business for well over 30 years and Dave a very renowned residential and commercial builder started his business in 1988. Both men have built their businesses around strong and loyal long-term relationships, good work ethics, as well as a desire to achieve excellence in quality and expertise in their field of work.

Two Queensland lads wanting to make a difference in the timber and building world with a product they are both extremely passionate and proud of. There were many hurdles to jump with Decksheet™ but none more determined than Tony and Dave to make it work.  It was like the two were destined to meet and create such a product as Decksheet™ that would alternatively change the way people viewed decking.

We hope you enjoy using Decksheet™ and the entertaining it brings with your new deck!