Decksheet™ is the new, quick and easy way to construct your next decking project. No more laying individual decking boards. Individual boards now come in sheet form made from Merbau Timber, Kiln Dried to achieve Durability Class 1 for longer decking life.

There are two sheet styles. The traditional 90mm style sheet made up of 6 boards (564mm wide) and the wider 140mm style sheet made up of 4 boards (576mm wide).

Sheets come in four alternative lengths to reduce waste and cutting, 2700mm, 1800mm, 1350mm and 900mm.

Each sheet comes with built in water flutes for drainage and subfloor ventilation.

Simply set your joists at the standard 450mm centres and fix the sheets to the joists.

It’s that easy!


Decksheet™ will save you time and money. Don’t deck around with anything else!

  • Up to 6 times faster to lay
  • A more consistent look and feel compared to your traditional timber deck
  • Easy to carry and move
  • Easy to tie-down and transport
  • Durability Class 1 to ensure longer decking service life.
Traditional 90mm sheet style x 6 boards 90mm Decksheet style
Wider 140mm sheet style x 4 boards 140mm Decksheet style

Certicourse DNA certified logging
Sourced only from registered and approved, legally logged timber suppliers.